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 Call for rental equipment and general construction in Hornell, Bath & Wellsville, NY!


Whether you’re running a farm, maintaining your home or planning a construction project, there are always plenty of items on your list of things to buy. The costs can add up quickly, as can the miles on your vehicle as you journey all over Hornell and Wellsville. Are you looking to save money on landscape supplies, heating products or animal feed? Do you need rental equipment for a big project?

Leon Lacy, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all of your supplies and general construction needs.

We can handle your construction projects for your farm, home or office. Our rental company can also get you a great price on quality backhoes, excavators, augers and other heavy equipment. Whether you need heavy duty digging equipment for the day or the month, Leon Lacy, Inc. can provide it for you at a great rental price.

Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment Wellsville, NY

Since 1978, Leon Lacy, Inc., owned by Jim Dunning, has helped people in Bath, NY and the surrounding areas with stone, mulch and topsoil products. We can help you stretch your agricultural budget with animal feeds and your energy budget with bulk heating products like coal and bagged wood pellets.

We supply what you demand, and our quality products and rental equipment will come with personalized service and experience. The entire staff at Leon Lacy, Inc. strives to deliver exactly what you need. If you have a concrete project to finish and you’re not certain what equipment you’ll need for the job, we’ll be happy to assist you. Our general contractors can also lend their years of experience in doing the job for you.

Call Leon Lacy, Inc. today for rental equipment and construction services. We look forward to helping you find the supplies and heavy equipment you need.

We’re proud to serve the Bath, Hornell and Wellsville, NY region!

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